New hub server update and services is running.
Linked two hub servers from Germany and France.
Welcome to BSDUnix Cloud

Before making a decision on which hardware should we build our nodes and dedicated servers, we need to take into consideration multiple factors such as reliability, stability, costs, performance, remote management, scalability and last but not least compatibility with various operating systems and virtualization technologies.

We always buy servers and hardware parts from manufacturers that have a well established production process governed by QA guidelines, which in turn ensure our servers are reliable and can run without interruption or downtime for many years. In order to provide the best prices to our customers, we also take into consideration hardware costs when building a server, always getting the best performance possible at an affordable cost.

The ability to manage the server remotely is also taken into consideration, as we monitor our servers 24/7 and react instantly to any degradation of performance or downtime. Scalability and compatibility with various OS and virtualization technologies is always one of the key point on which we choose our hardware, as we always make sure to provide the best cloud infrastructure possible.

Some BSDUnix servers mistakenly tagged all incoming connections as TOR Exit node by mistake and issued a kline. The reason for this is that the blacklist provider have decided to shut down the service and returns positive responses for the queries our monitoring bots sends. So if you unexpectanly got tagged as TOR exit node the last days that might be a false positive.